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This form is to register and pay for the Certificate for Veterans' Service Providers (CVSP) Program offered by Operation College Promise at Thomas Edison State University.

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Credit and debit card payments are handled through a third party payment processor. A non-refundable convenience fee of 2.85 percent (with a minimum charge of $3.00) will be added to your total charges for this processor. The University does not receive any portion of convenience fee payments.

To avoid convenience fees you can pay via electronic check/ACH payment. Electronic check/ACH payments require your bank routing and account numbers. The routing number and checking account number can be found on the bottom of your personal check.

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Credit Card Electronic Check (ACH)

When paying by credit card or electronic check (ACH), you will be prompted for credit card/check information upon submitting this form.

Please note that payment must be confirmed for transaction to be completed.

No refunds will be provided after April 15, 2018.