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Please see the Registration Bulletin for instructions on requesting a transfer. Please print a copy of this form, for your records, BEFORE selecting the 'submit' button.

Please note: Nursing students may not change course sections within a nursing course once the term has started.

I. Student Information

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II. Requests for transfer from one course, course delivery mode, or course section to another will be considered prior to the first Friday of the term. Transfers may be denied because of lack of space in the requested course. Requests for transfers must be on this form or in a letter to the Office of the Registrar containing all the information requested on this form. Transfers are permitted only to courses offered within the same term.

Any increase in tuition will be charged to your account. Should the new course be less costly than the original, the difference will be credited to your account or refunded. If course materials and/or textbooks for the original course have been ordered and received, refer to the Registration Bulletin and contact the textbook supplier for return policy information. You will be responsible for obtaining course materials and textbooks for the course to which you are transferring.

Course Transfer Request

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Please Note: Requests for extensions to complete a transferred course must be submitted separately. Fees are subject to change.

III. Additional Tuition Agreement*/Refund Information

I request that the University bill me if there is additional per credit tuition due. I agree that I am responsible for any additional tuition as a result of the course transfer and agree to provide payment within 5 business days. I understand that I may not receive a transcript or graduate until the tuition is paid in full. I understand that the additional tuition is a valid charge related to changing my current course to a new course with additional credits and tuition.

If new course costs less than the original: Credit my account Send a refund

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